Hidamarino ie

 九州 熊本 黒川温泉 観光 温泉 陽だまりの家 ゲストハウス 宿泊 穴湯 宿
kurokawa hidamarinoie kyusyu kumamoto kurokawa onsen Hot Springs Hostel Hotel Sightseeing 

Welcome to GuestHouse Hidamarino ie

-The concept is "slight edge"-

Hidamarinoie of just persons 5 persons of is a small guest house
Something strangely exciting sense of intimacy is a traveler one under roof one night together to
"Each sleeve printing even slight edge" in clover Aims to place knowing encounter each other, up to unwind and dire

-Healing journey-

Traveling is a great diversion.
Take old, tired with day to day life aka chilling at the cleansing and traveler and meaningless conversation
They knock that body and mind relaxed?
Lodging is traveler encounters and exchanges.
I connect with "slight edge" on our
I hope to be a matchmaker.

                         Shopkeeper Mizoguchi Etsuko

Minamioguni-machi, Aso County Kumamoto prefecture 869-2402
hidamarinoie TEL+8170-2389-3927
Kurokawa Onsen Sightseeing Ryokan Cooperative Association "Fureai Plaza" 3 minutes on foot
Kurokawa Onsen Sightseeing Ryokan Cooperative Association TEL +81967-44-0076
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